Hiren Pandya, July 11, 2017
    EC2 users face a weird problem some times. They observe random fails in email sending via smtp when they try to send more than 3-4 emails at a time. You can also say it in another word – Email works quite randomly. This is because of a policy of AWS. On EC2, outgoing traffic over […]
  • JDK & JRE Easy Installation Steps for Ubuntu

    Sakshi Bansal, June 22, 2017
    Step 1- Open the terminal window by CTRL+ALT+T. Install the default JDK by the following command [crayon-59eb128fd2761559723486/] and press enter. Wait for the file to completely install, when it shows done then move to the next step.   Step 2- Now install the default JRE file using terminal window by the following command [crayon-59eb128fd276e935578791/] and […]
  • Storage full issue on AWS RDS

    Siddharth Agarwal, June 11, 2017
    You are surprised by finding out that your RDS server has consumed all the storage space. But when you try to find out the database size and you find that the databases are way less than the total storage. This happens when you have enabled the general log and slow query log on your RDS […]
  • Facebook Analytics

    rashmi jain, May 4, 2017
    The magnified entry of Facebook has refined the world of social media. Nowadays, It has become absolutely necessary to make a Facebook fan page for interacting and communicating with the esteemed client. Not to be confused with two other buzzwords:  Facebook insights and Facebook Pixel. ‘Facebook Insights’ effectively monitors Facebook fan page activities. It is […]
  • Parse data from scanned image

    Gaurav Tak, April 20, 2017
      Sometimes, Scanning the files can be core requirements of Android platform.Scanning of files involves reading the data from a file, processing the data for some other purposes, perform operations on data, It can useful for other useful operations also like to send emails, to send a message, to make calls if the data contains […]
  • Fatal error handling in php 7

    Vipin Garg, April 14, 2017
    Error / Exception handling is most important part of any php project. There was no way to handle fatal errors in the php  in the previous versions like 5.x.  In php 7, we can handle fatal errors by Error class. Exceptions thrown from fatal and recoverable errors do not extend Exception class. This separation was […]
  • What is Scrum method in Agile Methodology

    Ashish Mittal, February 21, 2017
    Agile methodology for software development: First of all we should know about methodologies to develop an application. There are many methodologies or approaches used to develop a software like RAD, FDD etc. But mostly used methodology in recent time is Agile. What is Agile? “ Agile methodology for software development firstly introduced in early 1970s […]
  • How to Test Payment Getaway Plugin in Prestashop Ecommerce

    Saurabh Joshi, February 2, 2017
    Below tests need to be executed before release. Basic Tests:- Verify that plugin is installable. Verify that plugin is configurable. Verify all mandatory fields (Like- Merchant ID, Access Key, Secret Key). Verify that plugin is Uninstallable. Front End Tests:- Verify that Payment Gateway button is shown on the Cart and Checkout pages according to the admin […]
  • Git Branch Management and Review Process

    Surya Prakash, January 28, 2017
    How to Use Pull Request on Git   Creating the project on git is really so effective for debug, cloning, recovering etc. There are various methods to manage the project with git and reviewing the code for publishing the release build. Even  git approaches helps to the testing team and quality assurance team to ensure […]
  • Multi User Chat with (MUC,Group Chat ) Openfire.

    Surya Prakash, January 25, 2017
      Openfire provides multiuser chat using smack lib in android. In the previous blog, i have explained connection creation.We need to follow the following the step to configure MUC. Initialisation Connection Create a new Room Join a room Manage room invitations Discover joined rooms Discover room information Start chat in group Initialisation Connection [crayon-59eb128fd3d88149080712/]   […]