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Published On: 16 January 2014.By .
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This will be series of blog, where I will be talking about one system used by Auriga IT  in each blog.

Auriga was founded in Jan 2010 and has grown in team, skill sets & processes in last 4 years. Whenever a company starts, there are no processes defined as the founding members are not aware about the future challenges. All tasks are managed manually or using the labels, calendars, to-do list in Email and everyone relies on his memory to large extent. As the team and the scale of projects grow, you realize that it gets difficult to remember all tasks and delegate them effectively to others.

As a start up, management team has to wear multiple hats and manage sales, project management, accounts, recruitment, leaves etc. Keeping track of all tasks and follows them without system becomes near to impossible. Until unless you have defined a process and created a system for all sort of activities, that will be dependent on you only and if you lose focus things will go haywire. Every company has separate needs, so the system which works for one might not be suitable for others. So, find out what is the exact problem you are trying to solve from a system and then identify the system that is focusing on that problem. Following are the system used in Auriga –


Problem Statement:

  • Keep track of each and every small task.
  • Associate team members and deadline with task
  • Should not consume a lot of time managing tasks

We have been experimenting with lot of project management tools to track the projects and tasks in effective way. We are working in Service industry and the scale of projects vary from 1 week to 1 year and hence there are lot of tasks which might need 1 hour only but you need to track it. We needed a system which allows managing tasks very easily and faster.

There is always a reluctance to use a new system as it consumes time, so you must ensure that the efficiency the system will bring in should overcome the loss of time for managing the system.

After trying our hands on Redmine, Zoho, Collabtive, we finally narrowed down to Asana.



Why Asana:

  • Create Multiple Teams
    • Working together, your team can do great things. We created teams as per the services provided by us. E.g – Ecommerce, Enterprise, UI Design, Mobile Apps etc
  • Manage Projects and Tasks
    • Easily create, assign, follow, and comment on tasks, so you always know what’s getting done and who’s doing it. Asana let us create multiple task in a go, copy-paste rows from Excel or word and it will create new task per row. Assignments of resources and deadline for multiple tasks in one go.
    • It’s better than email because it focuses communication on tasks, not just a stream of new messages and comments.
    • Whenever there is update in a task, user will get the notification on email. Other users can reply back from email only and it will be added in the conversation of task in Asana. Asana Inbox and notifications make it effortless to stay on top of the details that matter to you, wherever you are.
  • Easy to use Interface – It is a single page application and all the action can be take in single screen which allows you to do things faster.
  • Drawback – Not able to create timeline

Will talk about other processes and system which we are using in coming blogs –

  • Orange HRM
  • Redmine
  • Dashboard
  • Standup Meetings

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