All About Ecommerce : Crucial Marketing Channels

Finally after choosing right CMS, Hosting, Team etc and setting up the web portal, the next most important thing to do is to promote the Websites. Promotion is of crucial nature as good on line marketing strategy makes all the difference. Promotion of a web portal should project the website as a Brand and for that multi-directional marketing is essential.

5 Crucial Marketing Channels

Paid Search Ads: Promoting an Ecom via paid ads is a great way to boost the website as a brand and also to generate quick revenue. Ads can be simply be put on search engines like Google and Bing. Google Adwords is a rather simple tool and can be easily understood and handled by intermediate, but it does require experts for better conversion and revenue. Bing also have an option for paid search results and can be accessed easily. Apart from search results, social media is also a great way to have paid ads on. Social media websites like Facebook provides great assistance in projecting image to the right set of users. Facebook gives great demographic details so that ads can be shown only to potential users.

Organic Search Results – 60% of total traffic to a websites is from organic search results. And having a good position on serp (Search engine result page) is also very good in promoting brand. Search engine optimization can simply be broken into 2 parts on-page optimization and off page optimization. According to Google ranking well for any keyword depend on your webpage’s relevance to the keywords that is searched.


Email Marketing– Email marketing is a very important part of Internet marketing for an Ecom website. Email marketing can be used for pre-sales as well as post sales advertising. Various Email tools are available to send bulk Emails. Email Campaigns often show more than 3% conversion and is a great way of re marketing to old customers.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media website like FaceBook have billions of users and hence it provides great platform to showcase an Ecommerce. Not only via paid advertising on these social media but a strong social presence give signals to search engines and hence organic search ranks also improves. 1.32 billion users are active on Facebook (June, 2014 Wikipedia), Social websites like Pinterest, Face Book etc register more hits for a keyword than any search engines and hence social media have massive effects on Promotions.

Coupons Sites: Coupons sites drive a lot of traffic on Ecoms. There are many coupons sites that provides option to submit on them without any affiliation or anything. Check out this complete list of coupons website Here. Coupons websites offer direct leads to websites and work on different kind of business models for different business types. These coupons websites are the other traffic sources with better conversion rates than paid searches (in general cases).

With this blog we are concluding this series, these few blogs gives basic information on how you can make a successful online business. There are a lot of other things that also effects business like website security, Fund-raising, Team Managements etc. We shall discuss these in blogs later. Here is a link to all the blogs in this series “All About Ecommerce”. If you are looking for E-commerce solution contact us here or see our portfolio.