All About Ecommerce- Must Have UX Features

Second most important aspect after setting up an ecommerce is making it user friendly and to have a likable user interface. Moving on with our series, All about Ecommerce, we shall now discuss the UX aspects that profoundly affects conversion .

Promoting Business on-line is an uphill task as the competition in E-com biz is ever increasing. Digital marketers around the globe keep on thinking new ways to promote their businesses but by having a better User experience, one can have an upper hand in this. UX is a very important part of promoting a web-page, it can be seen as a homework part on the Web-masters side. E-commerce is very much affected by UX, studies show that web-pages with better User experience have better conversion rates. For E-commerce some of the UX features are decisive when it conversion, See the list below.


6 Necessary UX features:

  1. Fast Loading: Load time of a web site is a crucial feature in Ecom. Page load time is the time in which a web page is loaded on a browser. Web sites that have high loading time or takes too long to load tends to get a high bounce rate. Many on-line free tools calculate page speed, also Google analytics have a septate metrics that shows average page speed. Page load time should be as low as possible, web hosting plays an important part in speeding page load time. Page load time can also be significantly increased by having dedicated servers.
  2. Responsive Design: Mobile Internet access have increased a lot lately and now almost a billion people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet. Almost 20% of Google searches comes from mobile devices therefor making your website compatible on all devices is a must. Responsive website is a website that is coded to adapt the screen sizes regardless of devices on which it is accessed. Responsive web sites are also better from the SEO perspective.
  3. Detailed Pictures of Products:Landing page optimization is a very an important part of UX. For an Ecommerce websites the detailed images of the products are more important than anything else. Conversion of websites can be drastically improved with better and more descriptive images. While adding quality images can sometimes adversely affect the page load time, it is still crucial to add high resolution images. While promoting products via Google Product Listing ads (We will discuss this in next blog of this series), Google rejects low quality images.
  4. Other Products and Ads: Websites that have too many external ads on banners etc can lose a lot of traffic. An Ecommerce website should not have any external banner ads that drive users away from websites. The space of these banners should be used to show recommended products etc. Displaying recommended products is also a skill, the recommended products are chosen very carefully so that users find products that are related to their searches and cart. This feature not only boots sales but also assist users in selecting products.
  5. Simplicity: This is not a single feature but an overall web navigation quality of your E com portal. Web sites that offer more simple checkout process have low cart abandonment rate. Easy Navigation, suggestive search and online help are some very good features that can really help a E-com attract new users. See Amydus, this Magento based Ecommerce startup employs a simple yet attractive user interface and have because a very popular plus size clothing brand.

These features are really helpful in accelerating brand recognition of a web portal, that is why every popular E commerce have these. Up next in the “All About E commerce” series, Top Marketing channels for an E commerce.