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So here my journey with the Auriga Blog begins.

Since the time I have started working with Auriga I have been asked this numerous times, what does AURIGA mean? Well Auriga is name of a constellation of stars – oh! so are we stars from space, definitely not from the Astronomical space but yes, the Internet space. I find lots of similarities between the Space and Internet, both are indefinite, both have unsolved mysteries, both have explorers and both have Auriga – the constellation of stars 🙂

At Auriga, we believe in a small team but star performers, the people who can show light to our clients when its dark. It might seem to us that its the moon which is the brightest but truth is that it also reflects stars’ light. We believe in carefully selecting our team, I dont say we chose the best but we chose the one who have potential to be the best, if given a chance. What is required to be a part of Auriga is not a long portfolio but a zeal, a devotion and a smile which ensures solution to every problem.

Each member at Auriga strongly believes in the philosophy ‘Our business is to improve yours’ and is devoted to supply you with the best quality. We do not ask you to change your requirements according to our product, we believe in customizing our product according to your requirements. I know everyone tells this, our USP is – we do it.

Next time when you are lost in space, just think the stars are there for you day and night. Will be glad to hear from you –

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