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Basic Principle to make your Customer Happy 🙂

Published On: 16 July 2012.By .

If we can do some basic thing right than we can keep most of our customer happy.  We just need to watch our actions carefully and rest is simple. When you are running your business you are bound to interact with variety of client and it looks daunting to satisfy all of them. But in the past 3 years I have realized that if we follow some simple rules then we can satisfy most of them.

  • Honesty is still the best policy. Though honesty may not be popular, it is always right.
    • Keep the client updated about the latest progress. Send him the weekly updates and do let him know if you are not sticking to timeline. Mostly he will understand. Making this a habit will also put pressure on you to improve your performance or help in giving correct timelines. If you do not have the knowledge about something then talk to him straight and say “I am not updated with this technology, will check out and get back to you”
  • The last mail should be yours.
    • Always make sure that last mail should be sent by you. If the client has asked about any update or does have query about something then respond within 24 hours. It might be: “I have gone through your mail and will revert back to you soon” or “I am looking into the issue mentioned by you”. Just make sure that you acknowledge his mail so that he is aware that you have read his mail and will respond soon.
  • Document Everything
    • It is very difficult to capture the requirement of Software or any application in one meeting. And if you have a small set up then you do not get enough leverage to spend the time on exact requirement capturing. So it is very important to note down what client has asked you to do and what you will be doing. Send the client the list of action to be done by you. After every meeting send the Minutes of Meeting to client to avoid any confusion in future. If something is out of scope of project then raise the finger then and there only. And if you have well documented everything then you will be able to justify you stand.
  • Prioritize the Task
    • You must know what the clients will like to see first. There is no point in creating all the module is bits. It is better to create the few modules but which will help the client understand the flow.  Client can provide better feedback on the module which are complete and that will help us in understanding his expectation and eventually speed up the other modules. Understand what client Wants and how you can solve his problem
  • Research
    • Explore all the options that can be possible solutions to client projects and do a comparative analysis and then discuss it with client. This will give us an insight to client expectation and the best solution available.

I am still trying to make above action my habits. It sound very easy but difficult to implement.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.





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