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Challenges at Start Up – 0

Published On: 7 June 2011.By .
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I am starting a series of challenges faced by a start up during its growth process. Will try to answer some but others are still a mystery to me. So lets start with the first one –

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Most of us have at least once thought of starting our own venture during our lifetime. We discussed the ideas with our friends and families and gets very excited by the positive reviews of all. But one of the biggest challenge is to get out of the comfort zone and start a company. Following are the reasons which restrict us:

A well paid salary – It seems very risky to leave a well paid job.Salary is the most addictive thing in the world because we know that on the 1st of every month there will be enough amount of money in my bank that will let me live my life lavishly

Fear of Failure – We start to think of scenarios what if the business does not do well, what if we loose big amount of money. Rather than planning for adverse scenario we start thinking about the failure.

Lack of Self Confidence – We doubt our abilities without trying whether we are good at it or not. We start to doubt if business fails whether we will be able to get a job or not.

The first big task for you is to leave your comfort zone and enter into the world on uncertainty & adventure. Explore the opportunities and begin your journey.

Wish you all the best!!!!

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