Contactless Time and Attendance System – Post-Covid-19 Essential Tool for Factories

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Today when the apparel manufacturing businesses around the world are battling the impact of COVID-19 pandemic the biggest challenge staring at them in the face is how do they ensure factories and offices are free from infected employees or operators apart from restarting and streamlining factory operations to ensure business continuity in the time of this gigantic crisis. How do they make sure the employees who are coming to the factories do not have any symptoms of coronavirus to avoid the spread of the infection in production floors and lines thus avoiding closing the factory again and face business uncertainties all over again.

At a time when orders are getting cancelled and revenues are getting hit, managing workers in a production environment is going to be the key once factories are reopened and that too under strict government guidelines. Before the gates of factories and offices opens one of the first steps every business owner needs to take is to have a contactless time and attendance system in place at every factory and office locations. People need to be moved away from reusable thumb and palm scanning biometric systems to contactless time and attendance system. There are growing numbers of organizations moving away from contact based biometric attendance system especially after government authorities in many countries including India and USA have restricted the use of fingerprint scans for attendance due to amplified concerns related to physical contact with these types of devices.

There are alternates to contact based biometric attendance systems like face and iris recognition biometric systems but these systems too are not safe to use during this pandemic. With minimum two meters social distance required to keep oneself safe from the Coronavirus the purpose of face and iris recognition system as contactless system fails as the user needs to be very close to the scanning devices in order to be recognized by face or iris. Face recognitions systems also have limitations to recognize masked faces with accuracy. Other issues with these systems are time consuming implementation and are expensive. It takes a lot of time to install and implement these systems with individual employee database. At the same time it requires expensive face and eye recognizing devices and software which will be additional overhead expenses to the business owners.

In this direction, a fully digital and automated system that supports attendance record keeping from a distance from the users, captures body temperature scanning of employees which needs to be an integral part of the system to identify any potential Covid-19 patient at the premise entry itself in real-time and alerting and notify to the HR and concerned people about any health issues of any employee in realtime, is the need of the hour. It is about providing a full proof contactless, inexpensive, user-friendly, plug and play time and attendance system without requiring any expensive physical hardware installation at the sites and get started as soon as an organization is ready to restart or already restarted.

Auriga STITCH’s contactless digital time and attendance system is a perfect fit in today’s scenario and suited for factory and office premises. It’s Time and Attendance is the extended module of the cloud based STITCH enterprise solution for production control and management. The time and attendance module record not only daily employee attendance timesheets without the need to close scan any body parts but also captures and saves daily body temperatures. The system notifies and alerts the administration in real-time in case of any abnormality with employee’s health or signs of Corona infection.

Auriga STITCH is a leading production control and management solution that helps small to large companies automate their manufacturing data capturing and analytical processes. A customizable solution that can encompass all aspects of organizational requirements & seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems. Auriga STITCH system includes Production Control, Statistical Quality Control, Maintenance, Production Scheduling and Contactless Time and Attendance System (Covid-19).

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