Deployment on Google kubernetes clusters with Maven

Published On: 19 March 2021.By .
  • DevOps

There are two ways to do the deployment

  1. By Installing gcloud sdk and kubectl at your local system.
  2. By using Google cloud shell

Here I am describing the steps for method 2 (By using Google cloud shell) because you don’t need any setup for your local system.

Step 1: Crete a file with name Dockerfile in your git repository root directory with the following content

Step 2: Open and Open Cloud Shell by clicking the button  in the navigation bar in the upper-right corner of the console.

At the bottom below screen will be opened

Step 3: Run the cammand with your cluster name

Step 4: Crete the docker image with git repository

A prompt for git password

Step 5: Push the docker image

Step 6 : create a deployment.yaml file  and place the following code or copy from previous deployment

and apply the deployment

You can check deployment & pods status – scale by following cammands


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