Discovering Inner-self with Selfies

Published On: 9 April 2015.By .

Auriga IT went crazy with selfie fever last week as we had this amazing selfie contest. Selfies have become global phenomenon in recent years and even though some people call it narcissism to take a picture of oneself and post it on social media, the fun part in it is always there.
The word selfie was added to dictionary in 2013, even though buzz Aldrin took a space selfie back in 1966!
Ellen Degeneres broke the Internet with her Oscar selfie, we too had some equally talented people posting their awesome selfies. Here are some of the best selfies in the contest:

Auriga Selfies

The winning pic is a selfie which we cant disclose (Yes! People got to that level of creativity). Someone who wants to have a look at it can 😀

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