Email Notification in Django

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For sending email notification in django we use django’s send_mail function, with using some smtp sever.

we can get smtp server from free smtp service providers like SendGrid.

In our file we define some parameters for sending mails like:-

we define a function in our service file for sending mails like-

Now if we want to send mails asynchronously we define a decorator:

and define a async send_mail function which calls previously defined send_mail function,

Now for sending template based email notifications we define some types of notifications in a constant file like:

and then a general function for sending those mails:

and we are using edited templates(html templates) for rendering and we pass all related data in context_data which is a dict object.

Next for sending these asynchronously we define a new async function in which we call our send_email_notification function.

Now we can call it like-


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