Family of Friends – Part I

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When you embark on your Entrepreneurial Journey it is more out of excitement for adventure and execution than earning money. Trust me no experienced person will ever ask you to go for your own venture if you want a secured money, I have talked to pretty good sized Industrialists too about it and they all feel the same. The ride is too turbulent and uncertain.

Then what still makes Entrepreneurship one of the most coveted professions, I call it a profession as it really has a requirement of a completely different skillset – degree is not a must. One of the big reasons is that you get to chose the Team you work with. It may not seem to be true right away but then that was one of our BIG Reasons – to Work with Family of Friends.

The first one to find is your Co-Founder and I believe I got most lucky that anyone can be to get Shayak and then Ronak. I cannot be Thankful enough to them to give me a chance, to give US a chance when I started. Pretty much a basement startup – one table five chairs, junk lied around as a store and here we go to continue on our dream to stay with friends and swim against the Corporate World tide.

Talking about I and Ronak, we are poles apart – but compliment each other so well. He is the sane part of the ‘US’ Relationship who likes things managed, in order and planned. I am the chaotic part but then both have that underlying faith in each other which is unshakeable and we can bet our lives upon. Friendship may be less but Trust is our DNA. Both are clear on what we want to get and keep re-aligning ourselves with other core members and both are selfless – thats the chemistry that works.

Well I started with a very different topic in mind and would want to stick to it and thus not making this writeup a Thank You note so to keep it short I am Thankful to everyone on the planet (or outside) to make me what I am.

Also to make it clear for the readers, this series is also not about Entrepreneurship, its about the FAMILY we call Auriga IT!

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