First Week at Auriga IT

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Auriga IT is growing! We have been on an extensive recruitment drive. It is fun and it is awesome as new talent is joining us. In Beginning of January 2015, we hired 11 freshers for our Jaipur and Bangalore offices and they are loving it here. So we asked them to share their experience with us.
We have created a blog series from the experiences they had in the first week. This will give you an opportunity to peep into life at Auriga IT from first hand account of people who have recently joined us.

Following is what Neha, our very new Developer Intern. experienced in the first week of joining Auriga IT.

Cracking the NUTSHELL and still not feeling like Alice In the Wonderland!

It had to be a big day, February,16,2015!
New City, New Office, New Life, And The Journey Begins. With the Essence of the magic of the word “New”, Entered the corporate world little Nervous more Curious- In an urge to break the bars STEPPED IN!
AURIGA-constellation, A group of stars from the very first day of interview the name justified to me. Each moment proving to be a CLASSIC BLEND of all the ingredients to make it AW-INSPIRING one! Not just to write here, this is what I experienced, acquiring at every step and simply from everyone you meet you gain, It’s just that you should be vigilant.
Everyone next to you is on toes to help, make you learn, feel free to explore, ask, querify. No matter whether he/she is your TL, your trainer or not. Being NOVEL to the corporate world, I was real hesitant before stepping into the GROUP OF STARS…yeah that’s what it is! About  people, work, environment all of it for a while even about myself everything was a question mark “?” But being here answered them all, And some things are more beautiful to experience than writing down here. The morning greetings from each and every one, the care and concern of one and all, each time learning something more than before. Its not just sharing an Official life here, People share their soul here. You gain -You Give- In every glimpse. In short its a mutual exchange of knowledge, intelligence, energies and life. The first experience still continues, with a lot to explore, with a lot to gain with a lot to give. For now it feels to me as the best stepping stone to the new course of life with the group of soulful people moving towards the growth to set new mile stones…wish to go along!

-Neha Soni,  Developer Intern.

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