First Week At Auriga – “Proud To be A Part of Auriga”

Published On: 18 March 2015.By .

I was very excited as it was my first job. I remember walking into the office and Rahul was there to welcome me. I sat next to a person nervously, who turns out to be my colleague. After some time I got laptop and some accessories on the first day only. By the end of the day, our systems were up and running with all the required software. Then our training started, first session was about MongoDB. It started with the an overview of the course and topics which will be covered during the training period. At this point, I was happy and excited to learn. This excitement helped me to learn better. For few days, I used to get food from home but after that I started going out with my colleague. We enjoyed and shared our good and bad experience of life.


After MongoDB, we started with HTML training, which was conducted by Nishant over Skype. It was a little uncomfortable as it was my first online session, but Nishant helped me to overcome the feeling. Soon after completion of HTML, Aabha Started our CSS training. Her sessions and assignments were amazing. We enjoyed designing while learning the best of CSS. I’m happy and proud to be a part of Auriga.

-Manjunath M Developer Intern.

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