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is a general-purpose, compiled imperative programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing.

In this Blog we’ll understand how can we automate a Fortran program using python.

Pre-Requisite :

* Fortran file.
* Python 3.*.
* Compiler that can compile fortran program like gfortran in Linux System.

//Note: Compilers will compile your file depending your OS, program compiled on windows may not work for Linux sys.


* Run in terminal for creating compiled file gfortran -c Program.FOR

Executable File:

* Run in terminal **gfortran Program.o -o RunProg.exe**

If you have more then one file to create a single application then you need to compile them seprately and then create Exe with all at once.


    • gfortran -c Program1.FOR
    • gfortran -c Program2.FOR
    • gfortran -c Program3.FOR


  • gfortran Program1.o Program2.o Program3.o -o RunProgram.exe

Run Fortran Exe with python:

import subprocess, os['./RunProgram.exe'])

If your Exe requires some Inputs from User, then you can provide those in same list.
For Example:['./RunProgram.exe', '1', '2', '4', ..])

Or You can save all the inputs into a file and pass the file to EXE using:['./RunProgram.exe < {}'.format(dir_path + input_file)], shell=True)

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