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Gamification is use of gaming ethics, gaming thinking and gaming mechanics in solving day to day problems. A wide spectrum of industry have employed Gamification for solving complex problems. Gamification leverage human tendency to compete with others and to achieve a superior status than others. This kind of nature, if used in right direction can help in accomplishing great things. Another important part of Gamification is a leader boards that is visible to every participant, this leader board have ranking and badges that motivates every body to push more and attain such badges.

Gamification Badges

Gamification Badges

Corporate world have also embraced Gamification is one of its most edged weapon in solving human resource problems. Specially in IT where the work life is very monotonous and mundane, Gamification provide important path to the employees. Gamification induces a sense of achievement in employees. Corporate giants like Microsoft and Yahoo have multi-Million budgets for Gamification.

Gamification can be employed for various HR stages. Including Hiring, Training, Performance review etc. Adding Gamification in Hiring process gives “analytically thinking” candidates an edge over others. Similarly training a employee using Gamification techniques helps them to better understand the subject. Another important aspect to keep in mind before introducing Gamification in workplace is that Various organizations have observed that Gamification is more successful when most of the employees are rather young and starting out their careers. Secondly Employees must be clearly stated the rules for incentives, unclear rules can cause friction between management and employees.

Critics have somewhat panned the idea of Gamification in IT as when Gamification Ideology applied with wrong frame of mind can produce negative results to the Organization and its environment. Even Though Gamification (the term “Gamification” coined in 2002) is a rather new concept and is still growing, it is estimated that in 2014 more than 70% of 2000 Global Organizations will have at least 1 gamification app. Gamification have great effects on personal Development of employees. Gamification keeps employees engaged in positive things, this reduces negativity from office environment. Score board and incentives keep employees motivated enough to preform well in all aspects of their life.

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