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How to Upload File in jmeter

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How to Upload File in jmeter-

In performance testing scenarios, you might come up with file uploading functionality in any application. In this blog, I will explain to you how we can upload file in JMeter.

For files upload scenario in JMeter, follow below steps-

  1. Launch Apache JMeter
  2. Right-click on Test Plan–> Add–>Threads–>Thread group
  3. Right click on Thread group–> Add–> Sampler–> HTTP Request
  4. In File upload tab we need to change following things:

We would be required to select POST method in HTTP Request sampler and click on ADD button under the file upload option-

Next,fill the values under the File Upload with following data:-

  1. File Path: Path of the file to be uploaded.Make sure you give the full file path, including the file name.
    Path: /home/auriga/Desktop/Faceesign Data File/5Pages_469.5 kB.pdf
  2. Parameter Name: This must be the same as the ‘name’ attribute as it appears in the page source.
  3. MIME Type: MIME stands for ‘Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions’.This determines the type of file to be uploaded. For any kind of Image as per the image file extension, we can use image/png,image/jpeg etc.

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