How to use magento 1 customer password in magento 2

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Magento 1 use MD5 hash to encrypt the password and Magento 2 use SHA-256.

In Magento 1, they use Mage_Core_Model_Encryption class with following functions.

Magento 1 generate hash by md5(salt + password) and save in database with 1 colon like $password-hash : $salt.

Magento 2 has changed logic and written in vendor/magento/framework/Encryption/Encryptor.php

Magento 2 generate hash like hash(‘sha256’, $salt . $password); and save with 2 colons in database like

$password-hash : $salt: $version

You have to override Encryptor class via di.xml with some private functions in your module.


Now Magento 1 user will able to login their old password. New customers password logic will remain same.


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