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1. To work with sikuli first we have to download the sikuli setup.jar from the link given below:

2. Create a new folder for sikuli
Move /copy the sikuli setup.jar files in the new created folder.
The path to this folder and it’s name should not contain any blanks or special characters.

3. Now double click on the sikuli setup.jar, if its not working then go to the command prompt go inside folder where your sikuli jar files are present then write below command :

  • We will get a page where list of options will be present, you will select the option as per our requirement . I have selected 4th option , click on setup now.


sikuli pic 1

  • Click on yes button and it will start downloading

sikuli pic 2

  • Once setup will be downloaded then it will start installing.
  • We can check in newly created folder there some files will be present.
  • To run through ecllipse, we have to add sikuli setup.jar files.

4. To work on sikuli we have to download and install the opencv 2.2+ and tesseract 3

Step 1: Install the dependencies through command prompt:

Step 2: Download the opencv :

Step 3: Install opencv

Step 4: Finishing installation

Download TESSERACT :-

1. Install TESSERACT through command prompt:

sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr


  1. First Take the images on which you want to work using any snipper tool.
  2. Taking a example of gmail login by sikuli .
  • Go to the link :
  • Cut image for Click on the Gmail link

sikuli pic 3

  • Cut image for enter username on the text field .

sikuli pic 4

  • Cut image for Click on next button .

sikuli pic 5

  • Cut image for enter password on the text field .

sikuli pic 6

  • Cut image for Sign In button .

sikuli pic 9

  • Cut image for click on account managed button

sikuli pic 10

  • Click on signout button .

sikuli pic 11

3. Open the eclipse >> Create package >> Create new class >> Project right click >> build path >> configure build path >> add external jars .

4. add the sikuli-ide.jar files .

5. Check the below program based on the sikuli :-

  • Screen is used for focus on the screen.
  • Pattern is used to focus on only images.

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