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Learn God Mode in Windows 7

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God Mode is used in accessing the hidden or undercover processes shortcut in Windows 7. This provides direct to access features and functions of the operating systems. God Mode helps to build the platform for the administrators to work more easily and efficiently to controls from one place.

The simple steps to activate God Mode in your systems

1.     Create a new folder.

2.     Rename this folder with

God Mode.{ED7Ba470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

(Change the “God Mode” text but don’t change the code number behind attached in braces)

3.     When you double click the folder icon will change.

4.     When you enter in the folder you will find several links to tweak, modify or better said customize Windows according to your requirement.

Advantages of God Mode in Window 7

1.     God Mode provides you about 300 control panel options which arrange in a alphabetic foam in a one window.

2.     God Mode provides you the uncover features in the first place

3.     When you open God Mode you will find access of display options, back up / recovery, power managements, wireless networks and many more options which is very useful for you on just a one touch.

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