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Leveraging reporting module to simplify mailing operations

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Overview :

Reporting Module can be used with your projects for sending bulk emails with reports attachment which is generated from the registered service dashboard. With easy-to-use dashboard for registering and managing services and their credentials, along with the logs of previously made requests.

Getting started :

Registering New Service :

  • As soon as you start the application dashboard, you’ll get “New Service Registration” option.



  • Select the mailing provider from the list of supported ones.

  • Currently we support 2 providers : SMTP & SendGrid.

For SendGrid : E-Mail ID & SendGrid Api-Key is required.

For SMTP : E-Mail ID, Password/App password, Host Details, and port number.

And Service details such as : Base-Url, ApiKey, Open Path, and Cookie Value.

Making a Request :

This API will submit a request to the application by taking service-id, path, mail-subject, mail-content, and list of recipients mail ids.


Checking the Request Status :

This API will fetch us the status of the request by taking request-id as parameter.

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