Magento integration with Mongodb and RabbitMq

Magento frontend is little slow with mysql. To solve this problem, We can use mongo db for categories and products listing. We can copy store categories and products to mongo db via observer whenever any changes done by admin.

We can connect to mongo db at frontend to fetch categories and products. For order flow, we will still use mysql.

We need to create a extension to add / update products and categories when updates from magento backend.

1. etc/config.xml

2. Model/Observer.php

Install RabbitMQ
1. Install rabbitmq-server_3.6.5-1_all.deb server.
2. Create server and client demo for rabbitmq.

Server: amqp_consumer.php

Client: amqp_publisher.php

Install MongoDB

1. Install mongo db to ubuuntu 16.0.4

2. Start Service
sudo service mongod start

3. Install php driver for mongo db