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Major algorithm updates in Google

Published On: 18 November 2011.By .
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It is rule of the world that you need to stay updated if you want to stay in the competition. It is also true for the search engine’s market so staying up in the competition, today’s largest search engine, Google, keeps itself updated from making certain changes in its algorithm to enhancing user experience and for discouraging the spam tactics.


There are several changes are made by them on time to time basis for improving up search result quality and user experience but there are four major changes made in the history of Google which may concluded as the benchmark in the history. These changes made quite visible changes in the industry and made major disturbance in the ranking according to ranking factors. These changes got some certain names to remembering them easily. They are as follow as:

  1. Hilltop algorithm update: This algorithm is invented by K. Bharat and later on bought by the Google to improving up the quality and user friendliness. It’s working was continuously compared with the PageRank algorithm of Google. Yet it was a lot faster and lighter than the PageRank algorithm.
  2. Florida algorithm update: This update is often known as the Florida Google dance. This update was came into existence in end of November in 2003. These changes made big changes in the SE rankings. Several sites which were about on top were nearly got vanished from the searches. Also Google was accused by several people to promoting its ad service. These changes affected mostly on merchant sites and research sites were kept separated from these changes initially.
  3. Big Daddy update: This was more an infrastructure update than an algorithmic update. They made certain change and it was more like upgrade like recent Caffeine upgrade. They improved up their whole infrastructure including softwares on each datacenter turn by turn. They also managed certain issues like URL canonicalization, redirects (e.g. 301/302), internal accessing queries like inurl.
  4. Panda algorithm update: This is the latest changes in the Google’s algorithm. This change was made according a new algorithm given by and thus named on Navneet Panda. This algorithm mainly deals with the user interaction of a website using artificial intelligence. This algorithmic updates affected mostly on the content farms which means sites having lots of content with poor quality. Also duplicate content become a huge issue in it and sites having duplicate content got a huge downfall in there rankings. Interesting thing was noticed that after such whole issue of the content, quality content is still a major factor in rankings, it has got advantage along with better user experience. Rather still we are seeing updates in Panda algorithm continuously as latest change were known as freshness update (according to SEOMoz.org), released on 3rd November.


So as the conclusion, all we can say that you always need to stay updated if you are in SEO industry and you don’t want to get affected by Google’s algorithmic change. These updates show us that never go through the shortcuts in SEO. It is a process to improve up the user experience and thus improving up the credibility for search engine.

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