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Why you need to make a Facebook page for your website

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Facebook is a very large social networking site. Intend to connect business associates, Facebook announced a feature called “Facebook Page”. Now first question arose in mind what is Facebook page?

Facebook page simply a public profile to allow organization to broadcast information to their fans and with the help of Facebook page you can also share your business product to Facebook users. Facebook page popularity is very high because of its high adoption rate among Facebook’s more than 800 million active users.

Benefits of Facebook Pages:-

1.Facebook page is very easy to create and no cost required.

2.Page will be indexed faster on Google and other search engines.

3.You can put your Facebook page link in your website and also invite your friend to your Facebook fan page.

4.You can easily send updates to fans like send messages about website updates, new products, new features etc.

5.With the help of Facebook page You can send updates to fans whenever you want.

6.Facebook page provide vanity URLs feature (Vanity URLs are the unique URLs that redirect users to your Facebook Page).So user can easily find your page.

7.One of the greatest feature of Facebook pages is page insight feature. Page Insights gives a lot of detail about user interactions to administrator.

8.You can also add many application in Facebook page. There are thousands of Facebook Platform applications built by 3rd party developers available for use on your Facebook Page.


If you don’t have a fan page, be sure to add one and promote it because Facebook page provide official Facebook presence of your company and also increase your search engine ranking.

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