Operations with/on PDF using Python. Conversion, Merging, Extracting useful data, Reordering.

When we talk about Operations on/with PDF’s, there are so many things to discover and work with.

We know that there are many online tools that can do whatever you want such as conversion, merging, splitting. but all of those tools have some limitation of file size and quality also they paste their watermark may be for advertising purpose or anything else.


1. Merge two or more PDF’s.
2. HTML to PDF.
3. Image to PDF.
4. Insert image in a PDF.
5. Re-ordering of PDF pages.
6. Extracting useful information from PDF, etc.

Now let me take you to the features that we have explored and developed.

Prerequisite :-

1. Python 3.X
2. PIP installer

Packages and Installation :-

*. PDFKIT –  pip install pdfkit You will be needed to install wkhtmltopdf in your OS.
*. FPDF – pip install fpdf
*. PyPDF2 – pip install pypdf2
*. FITZ – pip install fitz
*. OS, Subprocess, Datetime etc.