Our Journey

We will like to share the glimpse of Auriga’s amazing and memorable Journey till now. Checkout – http://www.aurigait.com/our-journey/.

 Auriga Journey

Whenever we look back, it makes us nostalgic remembering the days when there was just a table & four chairs and few friends working in a basement. and then moving our office to Divye’s home and then working on Housing Board Home (which looked like an old Khandahar to many but not to us :P) and then slowly improving our infra to have few rooms office and then to have our first glass cabin and then having another office in Bangalore’s prime location to our latest office in jaipur with a corporate look.

We still remember the day when we first got our project which was worth around 1 Lac (Dialmenow.in) and then partying by eating Indian Fast food at EP. That project is still running on code base developed by us. 🙂

We have always believed in working with fun. When we were smaller in size we used to go to Nahargarh/Chulgiri and shut down our laptop & office as soon as weather was good. We could afford that earlier 🙂 Used to sleep on Table in Nights to deliver things which we committed to client but had not idea how to do it 😉
We painted office ourselves which used to look like Khandahar to make it look better from inside.

We mostly did WordPress projects earlier and then learned Joomla, Moodle, Magento, CS Cart as we evolved. We starting sending our young and talented team to client’s site and it all started with Angara and Shopclues.com. Client’s were amazed by quick delivery and highly appreciated the team skills and talent. From there on we grew in confidence and started taking up big projects like Edukart.com, Rajesh Motors MIS Solution. Most of us over here have learnt to write MySQL queries from Rajesh Motors Software Applications.

Soon we created a credibility in market and started to work with big names like 2Win group (C2W, gamew2win), Intuit, Commonfloor. With our good work with every big client we started getting good references and deployed a team in UK to work on UK’s largest online Kid’s store Alexandalexa.com.

And then we got more big names to our kitty –  Exclusively.in (Snapdeal), Quikr, Grofers. We also worked on few interesting ideas which have potential to be big names in coming years – Logiqids, JackTrade, Pladay, myCOl, WYDR and many more.

As we grew bigger, frequency of trips reduced (For obvious reasons) but trips to Naharagarh changed to bigger venue and we started doing office trip by going to wedding to Dungarpur, Udaipur and then to Rishikesh, Mount Abu and then to GOA. And there has been amazing memories of each trip. Level of foundation day also got bigger and whenever we look back at the skits performed, one is sure to get nostalgic.

Everybody over here kept telling us to venture into products and now we have done it finally with Easy Toll. I hope we will be able to scale it up and make an powerful impact in the system.

We have grown, we have evolved, we have seen new member joining in and few members leaving out but one thing is for sure that we have made friends for life during this journey and family culture has remain intact. We have going steadily and are aligned to our vision to make Auriga the best place to work at.

I am proud to say that that this is the best team anyone can get who has stood strong in every ups and downs. Thanks to all of you who have made this journey so memorable and enjoying.

– Ronak