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Team Building activities plays a very important role and everyone including Management, Employees will reap benefits from this.  It helps in bringing out the best in a team and cultivates leadership skills, positive communication and ability to work as a group to solve practical problems.

We decided to have a team building activity session on the Fourth Saturday on every month. We started searching over the internet for various Ideas and then come up with a very brilliant concept of Building Bridges. (

Building Bridges

Objective: The objective of this activity is to introduce the idea of team work, communication and problem solving attitude.

Instructions –

  • Every team will be of 3 Members
  • Every team needs to build a bridge using 25 Newspaper and Masking Tape. The bridge should be strong enough to hold the one liter Jug (Filled with Water) and wide enough o allow a Pan to pass through it. Bridge should not be attached to any wall.


All teams will get 7 minutes to discuss the strategy and then 8 minutes to build the bridge. During the 8 minutes team members cannot talk to each other. Then there will be 1 minute break during which the team can talk again and revise the strategy. After that the team will get 8 minutes more to build the bridge and they cannot talk with each other

Processing/discussion questions:

  • How did you work as a group?
  • Did everyone participate in some way?
  • Was there one particular person that kept the ball rolling?
  • What influenced the type of bridge built by each group?
  • How did communication or lack of it affect the work of the group?
  • What characteristics of teamwork became evident during this exercise?
  • Was there any panic when the time was ending or did you change the plan in between?

Some pictures for this activity  coming soon!

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