Top 5 Halloween Costumes For IT Professionals

Auriga IT Blog Halloween

Its almost Halloween & like every other US holiday, every Off -Shore IT company is celebrating this one too with full zeal and joy. The main reason for us getting excited about this US holiday is not only because we want to project ourself as much “On-Shore” as we can but its also is super cool. I mean dressing up as scary ghosts and having a Holiday (which we never get) on it, is really fun. As always, I was asked to write something about it and I told myself that I would write the most cliché content ever, A list on the top 5 scary dress-up for IT professionals. People in IT are some of the most terrified folks amongst all other tertiary sectors (Economic sector) people. This list is based on what we are most afraid of, like something that other professional don’t find scary and only web developers, coders, web designers and software engineers are afraid of.

  • Bugs: So there was an actual bug in Mark II, a Moth that was creating some error hence the name Bugs for any “error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result” (Wikipedia). Generally these bugs appear on the time of Demo to Clients and not before it. Making them one of the most dreaded things in IT Profession. However bugs do have a soft spot for their friends “Testers” and show themselves to them quite frequently. People wearing cartoon, “Stay Calm” and Superhero Ts will qualify as bugs.
  • Tester : In Common, Testers are the People who make everyone’s life miserable apart from checking if the final product is matching the requirements or not. The rift between testers and Developers is as old as Google is, which is not very long ago as this profession is still in it’s nascent form. Software Testers frustrate IT guys the most and sometimes scare them as well. Testers can be easily identified by there multiple devices and Good quality of life. Dressing up as Testers doesn’t take much, you just have to dress regular and say stupid things.

Auriga IT Blog Halloween

  • Team Leaders/ Project Managers: Team Leaders and Project Managers are the guides in every project, TL/PM becomes the owners of their teams and these people also take all decisions for their team members like when can they get sick or when should a team Members organize their wedding/ functions etc. TLs/PMs can be easily tracked by their easiness for everything, these people see no challenge in any task, for them every thing is easy and every thing done could have been done in better way. Again Dress up regular and act super busy with no work to do whatsoever.
  • Deadlines : Yes we work on Sundays, we work after hours without pay or appreciation only to avoid the dead lines or to meet them but never in the history of this sector these have been met. Legends says that some IT companies do met deadlines and even submit bug free-finished-final product before deadlines but that kind of effort has never been recorded anywhere in the world. Dressing up as a dead line is tricky but one can achieve it just by wearing a “Times Up” T and creepily looking at every one in the office.
  • Clients: We all know,”the Boss is always right” but there is a greater power which is eternally right and busy. The Clients can easily be identified by their low pitch voice with accents that only they understand. Clients are The most feared entity in IT universe, with their over expectancies and extraordinary business views they are the one giving nightmares to us all.

So basically if an IT company is having a Halloween party and people decide to dress up as things that personally scares them, then no one will be dressed as ghosts or zombies they will all dress up as normal people and use these few words in every sentences Bugs, Scope, Dead line, Time line, “What Schedule Leave?”, “Lets finish it Today”, “Change the Color” etc , representing testers, team leaders, clients and Projects Managers.