Using Google Spreadsheet as a Web Service

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Today I am just looking for a solution on how to create simple and light weight web service for a small and clean plain data.

Lots of things were in mind before creating a web service:
1. Platform
2. Framework
3. Security
4. Web service format (obviously no one can beat json)

After all we have decided we need to create an Admin to manage our data. There is lots of stress in creating a simple web service that has simple consolidate data .

Finally I got the solution with Google APIs. It became so easy when we feed our data in excel and access it in json format. Its damn cool, with the approach you can even share your data with anyone and with edit permission.

Lets talk about how can we use Google excel as a web service, there is very simple way to create json on other end.

Go to > File menu > Publish to web

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Open the pop up showing a drop down to give permission and choose what you require
A. Entire Documents :- Provides All tabs Json
B. Other option :- Your sheet names

Note :- Check the check box for “Automatically changes in real time changes”.

When you click on publish it will show you a share url.

Here we have two option for share this data
i) Hit the url it will show you a data in tabular form
ii) the other one is for json copy the spreadsheet id from the url its just like a big random string in the url

Paste your SSI in above url and here we are ready to go with the json response

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