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In the early days of tWeb 2.0he Internet when Web 1.0 was king, people already got excited by the fact that you could access information, read it, be entertained and probably, if it’s really good, even copy it to keep as a personal file or send through e-mail. The excitement was short-lived, however. People just started looking for what else was available.

No longer were users just passive watchers and observers – they had actually become participants – collaborators, acquaintances, communication purveyors with the entry of web2.0.The concept was initially introduced by O’Reillly Media in
2004 in its effort to unravel a second generation of services and applications as provided by the Web.
And now we have become con
tent creators as well. We can fill web pages with news, information, instruction, opinion, advice and recommendations,provide textual, aural and visual content for others to appreciate and share.

Web 2.0 is the term used by the Internet gurus to refer to that site platform that pushes forth not only a creative and less complex way of communicating with clients but that it’s likewise your passport to marketing your business to all and sundry.Web 2.0 is about harnessing the potential of the Internet in a more collaborative and peer-to-peer manner with emphasis on social interaction.

With older Web 1.0 technologies, websites were merely destinations. With Web 2.0, websites are stop-overs, something to stay in for a while, interact with and utilize to connect with other users.

Sure, Web 1.0 gave us fun and a few promises but it was with Web 2.0 that we were introduced to other good stuff blogs, vlogs, social bookmarks, social networks, wikis RSS feeds and podcasts.

Web 2.0 applications can help e-commerce sites attain their desired ranking. Visitors would only turn interested to browse any site if they know that they’ll get something from it. Therefore, one must seriously consider uploading contents, videos, forums and discussions, surveys, polls, RSS, and links with other websites to campaign for wide traffic.

SEO is a major focus of Web 2.0. It involves the re-structuring of a website to conform to today’s search engine specifications, to allow the site to become more easily seen when an internet user searches for a particular subject. Web 2.0 can offer an intelligent, rich, customizable, and interactive service consumer base for a service provider including Article sharing, social bookmarking, social networking, blogging, RSS, picture sharing, vedeo sharing and many more.

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