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Yodlee is a leading data aggregation and data analytics platform powering dynamic, cloud-based innovation for digital financial services.  Today’s banking and financial application consumers want one place where they can login and see all of their financial accounts. Yet adding and verifying financial accounts within a financial app can be a hassle.

Yodlee FastLink lets users add accounts held at their financial institutions. Users can add their accounts by searching a financial institution’s site and entering the login credentials for that particular site. User can add savings, checking, investment, credit card, and insurance account types, etc.

Integrating with Yodlee FastLink

Step 1: Cobrand Login
In the cobrand login step, the customer application authenticates with Yodlee Server. The cobrand login REST API accepts the cobrand credentials; once authenticated a cobSessionToken is created and returned in API response.

Refer to Integration Guide and Cobrand Login API Reference for more details

Cobrand Login API returns cobSession Token which is needed for all subsequent API calls (passed through Authorization Header)

Step 2: User Login
The User Login API enables the consumer (end-user) to log in to the application. Once the consumer has logged in, userSessionToken is returned in API response.

Refer to Integration Guide and User Login API Reference for more details

Step 3: Get FastLink Token
Obtain FastLink application token using the /accessTokens API. This token is used to authenticate the consumer’s access to the FastLink FinApp.

Refer to Integration Guide and Access Tokens API Reference for more details

appIds FinApp ID to be authenticated through the node. 10003600 – for Fastlink 2.0 Aggregation

Example of (GET) Request

Step 4: Launch FastLink
Final step is to launch FastLink application by making POST request to Yodlee FastLink application server (different than API server).

Yodlee FastLink allows transfer of control to customer application when UI flow of linking account (or verify) is completed by user. Customers can set a callback URL while launching FastLink, this URL will be called at the end of flow (or user exit). Yodlee passes the status of operations done by the consumer in a query string of the callback URL. Refer FastLink Callback Parameters for Aggregation.

For callback URL example of extraParams can be used where extra parameters is to be passed in a name value pair in string query format. Following is an example of callback URL .

Example of (POST) Request using HTML Form

Download sample code with below link.


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