Clear 360

Clear360 is a product by Darwin Labs which was started during the COVID initial days to help organization collect COVID related details of employees, students and visitors to make sure they are compliant with Government norms and help them reducing any chances of spread of the Covid-19 in their organization by assessment and analysis.

Darwin labs reached out to Auriga to help them in Product Engineering and evolve the product as per the market need.

Clear 360 as a product solves the problem of managing organizational health data with spreadsheets and siloed data. They wanted to create a way to Collect, Verify, Track and Securely Store Employee Vaccination and Testing Records. 

How we helped

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Auriga is a product engineering partner for Clear360 and built the product using emerging technologies. We integrated the data across multiple systems. With the separate systems now integrated, eliminating spreadsheets and siloed data, enterprises are able to quickly monitor health records.

Aurigas has been working with Clear360 since the last 3 years to enhance the product.  Clear 360 has evolved to become a complete enterprise health management solution which helps HR & Safety teams address new workplace safety requirements. Clear360 simplifies and streamlines compliance and enables you to easily adjust your workflows as regulations change.

Technology – Java, Spring Boot, Mysql, Redis, React Native. 

Platform -Web & Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Link – Android | iOS

Technical Highlights 

  • The solution uses MI/AL and is based on a multi-tenant architecture. 
  • Cloud Based Solution – hosted on AWS Environment.



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