Environment sustainability is a global challenge, and Mr. Ankit Jain  (Ex Ola, Accel, McKinsey) wanted to provide leading companies, brands and individuals with science-based methods to accelerate their sustainability journey. Auriga had worked with Ola money a few years back and through a reference, Stepchange team reached out to us to be their end-to-end Technology partner to build a one-stop climate tech platform envisioned by climate scientists.

How we helped

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Auriga coalesced a team of product Engineers around a clear vision of building a world class climate tech platform. The transition to become ESG conscious is complex and challenging and it needs to be simplified for users so that they understand what their carbon footprint is and give access to novel decision-making tools for reducing your company’s footprint.

Auriga developed an intuitive tool for corporates and individuals to understand the environmental footprint of your company and your products and calculate your scope-1, 2, and 3 emissions suggest steps based on their lifestyle and usage to increase their environmental sustainability score. 

Companies can set science based targets in line with global standards and linked to their ESG strategy and subscribe to the steps they would take to reduce carbon footprint and Stepchange will help them track their progress. Companies would get comprehensive reporting tailored to their sector, organizational spread, and sustainability journey and file the comprehensive BRSR report with confidence.

Gamification was introduced in the app to entice users to take more steps to be environment friendly and get benefits by using coins to claim trees and other environment friendly products.

Stepchange is designed as a cloud based multi-tenant platform which can be used by multiple organizations and make Sustainability a part of an organization’s culture.

Technology – Java, Spring Boot, Mysql, Redis, Flutter. 

Platform -Web & Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Link – Android | iOS


  • Multi tenant Architecture 
  • Custom built reward system 
  • Algorithm to calculate sustainability with carbon footprint. 
  • Scalable Architecture using AWS ECS based Continuous Deployment.

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