FaceEsign is a fast and reliable platform to electronically sign documents and agreements with their patented audio/video facial recognition feature. It’s a unique platform that provides an ability to validate and record audio and video of witnesses while doing electronic signatures. Faceesign platform also provides the ability to transfer files securely between parties and also allows users to send encrypted emails. 

FaceEsign team reached out to Auriga to help them in redesigning their existing solution(EzeeBoss) to provide  a new age responsive web-app experience  for its users and to make it compatible with all types of devices ( desktops, mobiles, tabs).

How we helped

#Product Design | #Product Engineering 

Auriga is a product engineering partner for FaceEsign and worked on redefining the user experience for the solution. Auriga team not only redesigned the application, but also added a plethora of new features in the software and created an entire ecco-system of support applications around it required to serve its users.

 Auriga team designed, developed and managed the following for FaceEsign team:

  1. FaceEsign application- Redesigned the entire UI and UX, added support for multiple devices, fixed bugs, redefined user onboarding flows, added subscription module & support for company accounts 
  2. Faceesign Admin Console- Ability to monitor and manage individual and company users, manage subscriptions and licenses, dashboards, CMS capabilities, referral awards, roles and permissions for admin console users
  1. APIs for 3rd party integrations 
  2. Developer Portal
  1. Created an entire developer portal framework for 3rd parties to register themselves and integrate Facesign capabilities in their own portals and applications.
  2. Set up a Sandbox environment for free trials and development activities.
  1. Documentation of website for developers- Complete API Documentation along with get        

      started articles for 3rd party developers, documentation of all features of developer portal.

Notification for Electronic Signature 

Notification for Encrypted Mail

Process for file transfer

Process for digital signature


  • Redesigned the entire UI and UX and made it a responsive modern looking application
  • Created APIs for 3rd party integrations and a developer portal framework for registering 3rd parties who want to integrate with Faceesign APIs
  • Created an entire ecosystem of functionalities required to manage and serve FaceEsign users ( Ticketing system, Admin Console, Referral program, etc.)


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