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RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. (formerly RajCOMP) is a fully owned Government of Rajasthan Company; it is a leading consulting organization in the field of Information Technology.

There was no integrated IT system available to enable DCO to: – receive application, issue/renew/cancel the license, verify the eligibility status/ application, real-time status of application, etc. in a systematic manner which impacts: timely issuance of licenses, transparency, proper planning and monitoring, seamless exchange of information with-in and other department/s, real-time information, WorkForce productivity, etc. To overcome the above issues, the Department of Drug Control wanted to implement a comprehensive integrated ‘License Management System’ for applying, issuance and renewal of license/s. The application shall be integrated with various services.

How we helped

Auriga worked with the Government of Rajasthan to design and develop DCO Platform with – 

  • Online License Management System
  • New Online Application, Verification and Assessment
  • Approval of Drug Formulation
  • Real-Time Status Tracking
  • Online License Issuance
  • Migration of Offline Data 
  • Pre and Post Licensing Inspection
  • Integrated IT Platform connected with other Government Service for a wholesome transparency and ease of operation.

Platform – Web

Link – https://dco.rajasthan.gov.in


  • Facilitating government, beneficiary and department to monitor, manage and implement of Online generation of License
  • Increased Efficiency – Minimum waiting time and eliminating physical visits to the Govt Department
  • Ensuring the availability of safe, effective and quality drugs.
  • Reduction in Turnaround Time(TAT) of beneficiary identification and Online updation of each transaction
  • To provide ease to the Citizens while availing the services and To enhance accountability, transparency and responsiveness to beneficiary’s application.
  • To avoid Redundancy of License that causes Fraud

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