Meesho is a social commerce platform that undertakes retail distribution, enabling small retail merchants to connect and sell their products effectively via social media channels. The platform has carved a niche for itself and has gained popularity among consumers and retailers alike by making online reselling and shopping hassle-free and affordable. More than 2.6 million resellers throughout India trust Meesho.

Meesho approached Auriga to work as an extended design team and help in improving the user experience of the merchant panel.

Problem Statement: To correct seller’s false assumptions of not getting returned items back due to low visibility of system.

How we helped

#Experience Re Design | #UX Research

Merchants were using the Meesho’s seller panel to process the orders received on Meesho. Merchants believed that the percentage of returned order is very high in Meesho as compare to other platform and hence they were putting higher prices of products to make up for the loss in cancelled orders though it was not the case.

We joined hands with the Meesho product team and analysed how Amazon and Flipkart are tackling this problem and designed a solution to provide better visibility of returned orders. We created a new information architecture for the seller panel and then designed wireframe and visuals.

Key Results

  • 70% sellers were more aware about their returned item status
  • 30% jump on usage of return items screen
  • 2% price decrease

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