Shyft, a venture by Pooja Khanna and Pankaj Chaddha (Co-Founder, Zomato), offers personalized yoga and Health programs for PCOS, High BP, Diabetes, Thyroid, Prenatal & Postnatal Care. Shyft was looking for a pool of talented people to help them to build the product and launch it quickly to market. Auriga has worked with Zomato earlier and hence Pankaj reached out to Auriga.

How we helped

#Product Design | #Product Engineering 

Auriga started working with Shyft from its inception and enabled them the access of world class talent of Product Designers, Backend & Frontend (Web & App) Engineers. Our design team closely worked with the Shyft product team for Product design and engineering collaborated with their technology team to build the Website and App. 

Product was launched with the feature of booking and scheduling offline Yoga classes at their Yoga centers. Within a couple of months post launch, COVID happened and they had to pivot to Live & Interactive Yoga classes. We scaled the team to help them launch the app with the new business model within 5-6 weeks.

We have been working with them for more than 3 years to evolve and iterate the product.

Technology – React Native &  Python Django

Platform – Web, Android and iOS App

Link –


  • Incorporate Native elements in React Native using Bridge.
  • CodePush Integration
  • Zoom Integration for live classes
  • Atomic Design 
  • Used Story Book for Design implementation

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