Jitin Bhasin, a senior leader in financial services, wanted to launch a product “SaveIN” to disrupt the peer to peer financing market in India. The concept was to build India’s first social finance platform, where users can discover and connect with trusted lenders and borrowers in their own network of friends, family, colleagues, business partners and transact with them for your short-term financial needs.

The SaveIN team reached out to Auriga for product development as a family friend referred Auriga to them.

How we helped

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Our design team closely work with the founder of SaveIN to define the design concept that shaped the entire user experience (Information Architecture, User Flow and high fidelity Wireframes) and designed the graphical interface of the product using Mood Boards, Visual Design Mockups, UI Animations and prepared the UI Library to ensure that new screens can be designed quickly and are consistent.

As SaveIn’s technology partner we worked in agile methodology to build the product by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focussing on customer experience. It has a robust notification framework for automated reminders for debt recovery and collection and elaborate loan repayment framework to generate loan amortization schedules and handle millions of repayments. Being a financial app involving monetary transactions, security and scale have been the main aspects while designing the application architecture.

Backend is built on Java Spring Boot and the infrastructure is put up on AWS cloud. SQS is used as a distributed Message queue service to reliably exchange the data between various application components and background tasks. Cloudwatch has been used for effective logging and monitoring systems. Mobile App is built on React native which helps us manage both Android-IOS with a single code base and reduces the time to market.

Auriga worked with the SaveIN team for more than a year to help them launch the MVP and iterate the product as per the stakeholder’s feedback.

SaveIN later pivoted to become a healthcare finance solution

Platform -Web & Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Technical Highlights 

  • Secure Social Financing with discovery and matchmaking of lenders and borrowers
  • Robust notification framework for automated reminders for debt recovery and collection
  • Elaborate loan repayment framework to generate loan amortization schedule and handle millions of repayments
  • Strong defence against malicious program screeping by employing O-Auths’s PKCE security extension and multi-factor biometric and password based authentication mechanisms
  • Leveraged the proven AWS solutions to cater to the needs ( Cognito, Fargate, Lambda,SQS, Load Balancer, WAF, CloudWatch,etc.)
  • Application of rate limit over each api’s to avoid attacks like DDOS.
  • App wide screenshot prevention.
  • Code obfuscation strategy employed to avoid reengineering of code.

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