SLA Financials

 SLA is an established financial intermediary firm helping people create a suitable action plan via a thorough assessment of their short-term & long-term financial needs, risk appetite, and investment capacity, amongst other variables. 

SLA Financials helps its clients in creating a financial plan that helps them see the big picture and enables them to set their priorities right. SLA wanted to build a platform which can communicate with the existing legacy systems and showcase the goals progress, portfolio growth and investment details in a very intuitive way to their customers.

How we helped

#UX Design | #Application Engineering | #System Integration

Auriga started with identifying the key challenges customers were facing and came up with the critical information needed by the customer and created the user journey. Auriga collaborated with the technical team of other systems to get the required data and API’s and built a middle layer to process and store the data.

Mobile App allowed the customers to keep a close track on the goals and gave them the visibility  of portfolios across asset classes like Mutual Funds, Stocks, Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Post Office Schemes, etc. There are multi-level drill-down options available for a more granular control understanding of entire investments. 

Mobile App was also designed to be a single point of contact for clients to report any issue related to their investments or to raise a ticket for any required details (Portfolio Statement, Income Tax Statement, request for change in nominees etc.)

Technology – Python, API integration, ZOHO Integration

Platform – React Native based Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)


  • Ticketing system integration with ZOHO CRM
  • Integration with Portfolio Management Software
  • Graphical representation of Portfolio
  • Atomic design pattern

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