eLearning if used effectively, enables the quality content  is becoming the effective way

Moodle is the most popular learning management system to provide online education.

With Moodle, you can create learning spaces called courses. Each course has its own set of resources and activities, called modules in Moodle, and can be customized in terms of organization and appearance. You can password-protect
courses so that only enrolled students or Students can upload Assignments for teachers to mark. Teachers get an
automatic alert when a new assignment arrives. All marks can be stored in the Moodle grade book. You no longer have
to worry about losing score sheets!
The built-in Chat module is a handy teaching tool for groups of students working with or without the teacher to teachers have access. You can also time limit access to courses. Once you have set up a course, you can fill it with activities and texts, including audio and video. Imagine being able to reduce the number of photocopies or CD copies that you make! Students are also free to access those texts when it suits them.

Key Moodle features

  • Assignments
  • Chat room
  • Choice/Questionnaire
  • Database
  • Forum
  • Glossary
  • Lesson
  • Journal
  • Quiz
  • Web quests
  • Wiki