Sample Feedback

Auriga IT – Colleague Feedback Response

How comfortable are you with the timelines?:Meets Expectations
Help us with your comments.:He is able to set the timelines and get the work done in the timeline. Would be good if he can also foresee associated tasks to some task and do a better planning.
Developer/Designer was able to understand the requirements and provide best and clear Solution plan considering all the edge cases?:Below Expectations
Help us with your comments.:I am being a bit strict here. From a person of his calibre and Experience Level – I would expect SMART Work from him. He still underplays while he has a potential to do better.  He does well what is asked for but now its time to look beyond. Needs to Read more.
Communication ?:Below Expectations
Help us with your comments.:Need to pull information most of the times then he pushing it. Is improving but long way to cover
Has strong job-relevant technical skills?:Meets Expectations
Help us with your comments.:He has good Skills, doesnt have to be laid back and keep honing his skills
Was always there to help/assist ?:Exceeds Expectations
Help us with your comments:Always available to attend to a task
Turnaround time?:Meets Expectations
Help us with your comments.:Quick and Effective.
Defects in the code/Functionality?:Meets Expectations
Help us with your comments.:Review part is missing at times. Dev is according to requirement but finesse gets missing at times.
Overall feedback:Below Expectations
Help us with your comments.:Again being Strict. I see him as a Core Team Member which feels missing in terms of energy and activities. Competitiveness needs to increase to take up the higher responsibilities. He is a Team man, has skills but Leadership needs to improve. You dont have to worry once the work has been told to him, but at same time needs to be told rather than handling stand alone
Mention areas of improvement and other suggestions::Aggression – Professionally. He should attack on things rather than waiting for things to come to him. He is Technically sound guy should interact and train Team more. The difference between Team Leader to Project Manager needs to be covered and its right time now.