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First Few Weeks at Auriga IT – Part 2

Published On: 24 March 2015.By .

“A lot More to Explore”
I couldn’t stop myself from writing about the wonderful experience in the constellation. I have completed two weeks here and there are a lot of things to share already. For me it happened suddenly. The hard work of years, perseverance and probably luck too brought me into the world of luminous dots. It was my best day when I entered into the constellation to become one of the stars of Auriga. Lots of thoughts, excitement, nervousness, perplexity, and questions were running on my mind, but eventually everything was answered by the positive environment and smiling faces. Some of the cool things I have noticed here includes, the practice of beginning the day by wishing good morning to everyone, no senior-junior relationship, helpful and hard-working people, innovative and amazing Saturdays, birthday celebrations, etc. Work is fun here. Directors are very inspiring and make time out of their busy schedule to interact with everyone. I am lucky to be working with an extremely intelligent, talented, and determined team. There’s a lot more to explore, learn and of course hard work to do. I am thankful to God and the reason is of course – Auriga.  – Deepika Sharma Developer Intern.

Deepika sharma

“The Perfect Working Environment”
Getting started with new place at ease is quite arduous for some and for the one like me (A bit Reserved 😛 ). The journey started from my very first interview, the day which i will never forget. A very good interaction with HR manager and an unforgettable interview with Hiren gave me a chance to learn something new. And then the thing that changed my thinking was the interview with Ronak. He is a very great guy and talking with him always gives me a feeling like I am talking to my friend. When results were out, I was on cloud nine. Now the journey reaches to my first day at a very innovative constellation Auriga IT, I walked into the office and felt like a professional. A good interaction with the wonderful person, Divye who told us about the working environment at Auriga. Every one wishes good morning with a great manner every day and it gives a good feeling. The journey of one month at this extremely good environment constellation has fueled my eagerness to get myself more involved. I enjoyed every moment and learned many new things. The environment I feel here is same as college but the big difference is having a professionalism and friendly nature of everyone towards each other. Last but not least, the perfect working environment for the perfect job. – Gaurav pitaliya Developer Intern.

Gaurav pitalia

“Enjoyed a Lot”
19th jan, 2015- a memorable day in my life. The day I started to earn my living. It was my first day in an Organization (“Auriga IT.” ” Customizing it for you”). I joined Auriga as a software intern. First day was obviously filled with a lot of questions, as to how the people would be and how I would cope up the pressures of not knowing anything, still at the same time to have a decent first-impression. I came in at 11 am on the first day and H.R (Swati Rakhecha) welcomed me with open arms. She shook my hand and introduced me to the team and told me the sentence which made me so much happy “Welcome to the AurigaIT family”. She showed me where my desk was and told me that my colleague will help me get started. I will never forget that day in my entire life. It was my first step in the corporate world. Next day HR took us our for lunch, I was very nervous that I hardly ate a thing. From the first day in AurigaIT till now, I enjoyed a lot with my new friends and colleagues. – Manjeet Kumar Developer Intern.


“Thumbs Up”
Six years of my college life I have spent wearing formals and I was really bugged up wearing them. So before I joined Auriga IT, I called HRD about the dress code. Swati (HR Bangalore) said casuals are allowed and in my mind I was like “thumbs up”. So on the day of joining I reached the office sharp at 10.30am, wearing a T-Shirt and Trouser. First person I met was Mr. Rahul Gupta we had a small intro session among all the new joiners then in the intro session Rahul said “AurigaIT is a family, Welcome!!” and then he added me to the Whatsapp group. Later Swati took us out for lunch. I was pretty new to the environment so I participated very moderately in the conversation and later I met Jitendra, an IITian pretty cool personality we even had a small session that evening. Jitendra daily takes a food for thought sessions for around 15mins, worth understanding concepts. At the end I would say I really like the organization and its working methodologies. I love to spend time and learn and give the best to AURIGAIT. – Nandish Asangi Developer Intern.


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