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First Week at Auriga IT – “Working With Stars”

Published On: 16 March 2015.By .

Being a fresher, it was a sudden switch from “a reckless student” to “a responsible employee” for me. On the very first day (for a few more days actually), I was excited and nervous with a hundred other thoughts going on in my mind simultaneously. Since it was inevitable, I was prepared ­ but as they say “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced. “Nonetheless, I’m glad it happened. I ended up at a place where work is given more importance than rules or protocols. A place where you don’t feel like a new comer. A place filled with amazing people. A place where you can reach out to anyone, anytime and ask for help or just say Hi! Although I haven’t spent much time here, but whatever I’ve seen, heard and experienced so far, ­ the way we celebrate birthdays, farewell (and how tough it is for everyone to say goodbye), and well of course the way we work ­ I don’t think I would have found anything like Auriga (a constellation of stars, indeed).

-Kalpit Jain , Developer Intern.

Kalpit Jain

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