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Smart City Kiosk for JDA

Smart city kiosk jda 1

Jaipur Development Authority

Kiosk Solutions

Jaipur's Smart city kiosk was planned by JDA as a complete build in web 2.0 based interactive system where users can access a varied range of content such as location, mobile recharge, city connectivity etc. on a 42 inch touch display.

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  • Smart City Kiosk for JDA
  • Smart City Kiosk for JDA
  • Smart City Kiosk for JDA
Uncrashable Single Server multiple client Architecture with complete Hardware and Software solutions. Added with features like real time content and advertising. For JDA, AurigaIT has implemented this on 5 destinations in Jaipur Like Hawamahal, Albert Hall etc. JDA plan to put these kiosk at 17 other public places in Jaipur.