Make your business processes streamlined and efficient by implementing custom software solutions.

In order to survive in today’s fast paced business environment, high-performance technology solutions can make a winning difference.

At Auriga, we help you implement smart automated processes in your front office to reach new customers and sell product & services. Auriga also help you design and implement agile processes in your back office to manage records, process performance analytics and coordinate general administrative functions. Business enterprise applications can be majorly categories into following –


Seamlessly integrate your existing software application with ours to avoid data redundancy.

Process Automation

Help in better coordination within the vertical and across other verticals.

Supply Chain Management

Streamline your logistics & procurement processes and increase efficiency


Know the health of your organization on your dashboard anywhere – anytime.

Our recent business enterprise applications includes Point of Sale system for a leading Nigerian Retail ChainCRM – Service Monitoring – MIS for one of the largest earth moving equipment dealer globally, Sales Tracking and Margin Calculation for a M&HCV dealer.

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