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First Few Weeks at Auriga IT

Published On: 20 March 2015.By .

“Not like an Orthodox IT Company”
First day at Auriga was better then I expected because I observed that the environment here is not like an orthodox corporate here we are free to express ourself and be creative enough. This help us to groom our personality and discover what we are and what we can archive. About the staff I would like to say that the people who work here are so down to earth and generous that even though I was new entrant they never made me feel left aside. For our Director, I don’t have words for him, he is something else, I have never heard about any boss being so nice and friendly with their employees, he is funny and a boss too. It is been only a week since I have joined the office and it already feels like I belong here. – Yogesh Rajoria (Associate Front End Developer)


“Auriga­ A TENABLE name that offered me a Niche”
At cessation of 5th sem, a bizarre thought with a plethora of questions about place, persons, environment, learning and experience (CTC too :­P) was germinating in my mind. My all questions got their answers without need of being asked to anyone. I started my journey with couple of my friends. Auriga’s compendium can be seen in absence of strict hierarchy and down to earth attitude of employees that gives a mecca to nascent developers. Their opinion about the corporate world gave more germane for the incipient of this new life.
Likewise, 1st week was devoted to paperwork, discussion about company policies, orientation, tuning with timings. Everything about it from dawning of training to farewell through birthdays, events, superb Saturdays, jaunt trips, freebie refreshment is incredible. All of us abreast to each other want an odyssey with Auriga. – Rashmi Jain (Developer Intern)

Rashmi Jain

“Enjoy Every Bit of IT”
I joined the IT industry with a dream to learn new things, a dream to earn money, a dream to own a car and a dream to lead a quality life. On the first day at Auriga IT, I was little tensed till I got acquainted with the workplace and co­workers. But that’s the fear pretty much everybody has. The difference is just, how much you show it and how much that really is true. I like my work like anything and enjoy every bit of it, because I am trying to work more and more just want to be on high soon. But once as days passed, I became comfortable with all and today I love my work and workplace. In simple words Auriga IT is not just a IT company also a Auriga family where all are behave like a family members. I like the bonding between all it’s like a combination of colors which will change over the years, but its strength never fades. – Sachin Ojha (Developer Intern)

sachin Ojha

Auriga – “Family away from Family”
After a long and wonderful journey of my school and college life, the only thing I was worried about not only getting a good job but also a COOL one :D. Though It is just the initial phase of my career, one of the most important thing, which I understood after seeing my M.C.A classmates condition who are working in various different companies is that, the employee growth and success is not just only in the amount of hard work and skills but also in the support given by the colleagues and management. I am really thankful to Divye, Ronak, Jitendra, Swati, Aabha, Nishant for changing my good habit of approaching my seniors, using sir/mam to their first name. It was all done forcefully :D. Special thanks to Jitendra and Swati for making me feel the presence of home from office. That is the only reason, I love travelling 40kms daily to learn something new daily. One more special thanks to my team lead Aabha, who is a wonderful and cheerful person. The amount of knowledge in-depth she has, makes me to pray to God before going to bed “Unka 10% knowledge bhi dedo to chalega :D”. Finally, my team and colleagues in Bangalore, thank you for your wonderful love and support. Looking forward to go a long way with you people.  – Jobin John (Developer Intern)

Jobin John 1


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