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Intelligent Traffic Management System

To make smooth flow of traffic on roads and to provide enhanced safety to the people, we provide better and effective Intelligent traffic management system which is highly required. Today our country is developing its infrastructure and road network and more and more vehicles are coming on road, the manual or human driven traffic management is very tedious job. To overcome these traffic management issues and provide better management, Auriga proposed and build an Intelligent Traffic Control Management System. Our Intelligent Traffic Management Systems is built using various components like CCTV based surveillance/ITMS for Cities/Highways, Smart Street Lights, Command and Control Centre Infrastructure setup and Network solution, Consulting and Engineering Services, System Integration, Data Center/DR Cyber Security, Application development, Integration and Data Analytics, Smart IoT/Sensors IT/ICT based products, solutions etc. We developed a better Traffic Management System to monitor, control and to provide safe and controlled vehicle driving on national and state highways. We are using advanced technology in our components like IP based CCTV camera network, vehicle identification system, traffic conditions.

Top features of Intelligent Traffic Management System

  1. Better safety
  2. Quick response on incidents
  3. Traffic congestion information for better traffic flow
  4. Vehicle Identification
  5. Fast Implementation
  6. Better analysis to make new strategies

Top Components of Intelligent Traffic Management System

  1. Surveillance System using IP based CCTV network
  2. ITMS for Cities/Highways
  3. Smart Street Lights
  4. Command and Control Centre
  5. Smart IoT/Sensors
  6. Data Analytics

Why Choose Auriga for your ITMS ?

In the past few years, we have developed and implemented better ITMS and continuously providing services to our clients. Delivery is our first priority to serve better. We have a highly qualified and experienced team for developing better solutions and research. Implemented Public Address System for Smart City project. We implemented surveillance system on Prisoners vehicles and Police Patrol vehicles too for better safety and monitoring. We also provides Smart Kiosks for automated support. We are fast, reliable and safe in system implementation and providing proven better support to our clients.