Integrated Kiosks


Kiosks are accessible to the general public and thus both the hardware and software needs to be sturdy and robust. There were multifacet challenges for developing the kiosks for Public under Smart City initiative by Jaipur Development Authority (JDA). To mention a few the Kiosk OS needed to be crash and temper proof so that people cannot use any other applications on the terminal. The content needs to be updated anytime for all the locations as well for an independent location. In case of critical electrical failures the Kiosks shall boot again to the home screen. The surfing data needs to be collected for better analytics and serving people better.


We worked closely with JDA, L&T ECC and Sterlite to develop next generation light weight kiosks. The hardware was planned with IP65 standard casing to reduce the maintenance and increase the longevity of the kiosks. The kiosks were designed with 40 inch touch screens to facilitate easy surfing and seamless touch experience. It also meant that there were no Mouse or Keyboard required which enable better form factors for kiosks and lesser hardware meant lesser wear and tear. The Kiosk OS was custom built on Linux platform to make sure its a light-weight high performance system and can be monitored and controlled remotely. The Content Management System was also architectured on hub and spoke model where the content is hosted Centrally but can be managed and updated for independent locations. Auriga Team delivered these Kiosks as a turn-key project and hardware and software was built/developed/integrated inhouse.