Virtual Reality (VR)


In this busy world we seldomly get to visit all the places we want to and when we visit them many a times the conditions are adverse. Either the weather is too hot or cold, or since its a holiday there is too much crowd and we are not able to observe the place with as much time and peace as we may want to. When you reach there the experience may be missing and appropriate information is hard to find.


Virtual Reality (VR) has enabled creating personalized experiences of places and delivering right information in the journey. We created Virtual Reality Tour of Nahargarh Zoological Park, Jaipur for the Forest Department with DoIT Rajasthan. This has helped people getting to know more about the animals, their sounds and have a 360 degree look at them and their surroundings. You can easily access the information from anyplace around the globe with a virtual experience of visiting the Park. So grab your VR sets and enjoy the power of Virtual Reality – let us know what destinations you would like to cover. 🙂