Department of IT (DoIT) Rajasthan – AEPS


With Prime Minister of India declaring demonetization all the high value currency became redundant in the market and there was an acute shortage of cash. It also reflected the vision of Indian Government to promote Cashless Economy and Digital India. Major inconvenience was being faced at Ground Level where low income groups were finding it difficult to pay for their day to day needs and ration. They had to be facilitated to make payments easily to the Public Distribution System Shops and that too VERY quickly.


Public Distribution System (PDS) in India was based on Cash Payments and the Handheld Point of Sale (POS) Systems had only option of Cash Payments. Another payment method had to be introduced soon. Being trusted IT Partners DoIT entrusted Auriga IT for the task and delivering in record time. We were given just 7 days to get two different POS Platforms ready to accept Aadhar Based payments. C, C++, FLTK Library and Handheld device programming not even our forte we took the challenge and were able to successfully demo the working copy in the time limit. It was one of the adrenaline pumping project where you are aware that the impact is huge and the timelines are very critical and once you deliver the satisfaction is immense. State of Rajasthan was the frontrunner in making their PDS System capable of accepting payments through Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) and Auriga IT is amongst the few IT Companies working on implementation and integration of AEPS.